With over 50 years of experience with hospitals and other industries we understand that there is more that you need from us than just our delivered products. Our team at Govind Poy Oxygen is ready to test, Inspect, Install and provide maintenance services.

Hydraulic Testing

All cylinders go through a change in weight with wear and tear over time due to filling handling or transportation which testing to ensure safety. Govind Poy Oxygen is licensed by PESO (Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, Nagpur) to test all types of cylinders. We do timely and thorough tests of your cylinders

Dissolved Acetylene (D.A) cylinder Inspection

The inspection of acetylene cylinders is an important safety measure. Our technicians do periodic comprehensive inspections of your cylinders to ensure a consistent quality of service.

Medical pipe lines installation

Our specialists install medical pipelines at hospitals and clinics to ensure a convenient system for the provision of our medical gases to the clinical and nursing staff at the point-of-use, along with services for setting up other medical gas equipment.

Industrial Gas Pipeline Installation

Our specialists install centralized pipelines to connect cylinders and liquid Cryogenic tanks to high and low pressure pipelines as per industry requirements.

Repairs and Maintenance services

Our qualified technicians do direct maintenance and repairs of your cryogenic vessels to optimise and maintain your equipment.

We provide consultancy in New Plant Installation, Commissioning, Service & Repairs